• Crawl Space cleaning, finishing, and refurbishing
  • Go from Moldy to Majestic!

We have you Covered

  • Mold Testing
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Basements
  • Polished Concrete
  • Epoxy Coating

Don’t let natural disasters keep you from your home and business. We offer full restoration from Fire, Flood, & Mold. If you need it fixed, we can fix it!
At Majestic Restoration we work towards turning back the clock on your property. We want to restore your building to it’s proper form. In most cases, we’ll leave your home or office more efficient than it was before disaster struck!

The “Majestic” Difference

Majestic Janitorial Service & Supply has been in the janitorial and restoration industry since 1979.  In that time we have learned a lot about the ins and outs of cleaning, restoring, and maintenance with proven time saving methods.

The number one cost in any job is labor ,then supplies. Most are 80% labor 20% product.  We will show you how to save money on both.  To save money on labor you must start with the proper product or tool for the job at hand.  Proper tools and products will result in less time used…less time used equals smaller labor costs on your job!  30 plus years of success have allowed us the knowledge to develop a line of products and procedures to do this effectively.

One of the easiest ways of keeping cost down is by using “super concentrates”.  A super  concentrate is the strongest  form of a product.  The super concentrate is then mixed in water (which is VERY cost effective) to make a “ready to use” (RTU) version of the chemical.  Super Concentrates can also be “custom mixed” to apply to any scenario on the job…meaning if we need less..we use less!  Super concentrates can save you hundreds… even thousands of dollars in product usage and labor cost.  Click Here for more on saving money with Majestic.

In 30 plus years of cleaning and restoring facilities, we are yet to find a cleaning or restoration problem we haven’t  solved.  Let Majestic be your one source resource for all your cleaning and restoration needs we will train you, your staff , or  do the job for you.   Either way we have you covered with safe proven methods .

At Majestic we go that extra mile by looking deep into every job… down to the root of the problem. We then stop the problem at it’s source, rather than just making it look nice again.  To our employees, customer service means integrating the “WOW!” factor in everything they do, and that’s exactly what we hear from our customers.

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