Board ups, Walls, Roofs Etc.

There are many reasons that you may require tarp over or board up services.

  • Property Vacancy

Homes sometimes go through foreclosure and board up services can help reduce the cost of vacancy by minimizing vandalism.  Boarding up a vacant property will also help protect it if a natural disaster does strike.

  • Preventive Measure

If you live where tornados, severe thunderstorms or windstorms are prevalent these services provide you with a preventive measure. Follow weather forecasts and determine if your home needs a board up or tarp over service to help prevent damage before it happens!

  • Roof Damage

Tarping over is another way you can help protect your home.  This technique is mainly used in situations where there is roof damage. Tarping over will prevent water from leaking into your home until you can have your roof fixed properly.  While this sounds like a simple solution, identifying problems on the roof can be challenging without a thorough inspection and evaluation. Because the roof may be unstable it is best to leave the inspection to professionals who are trained to handle these situations. But until you can hire roofers to examine the damage we can offer you tarp over services to prevent various leaky areas from causing more damage to your home.

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