Concrete sealing and polishing

Majestic has established itself as a leader in the concrete restoration and beautification industry.
Combining innovative design, with knowledge and skill, surface preparation and application techniques to deliver uniquely beautiful results. Majestic has carved a unique and prominent position in the area of polished concrete. Majestic services can transform your dull and dusty concrete area into an attractive, functional medium that “endures” the test of time. Decorative concrete adds beauty and value to its surroundings while enhancing commercial and residential properties alike. Polished and densified your concrete will not only be beautiful but generate substantially less dusting.
Polishing concrete strengthens it dramatically. Impact and abrasion resistance increases by as much as 400%. Dusting problems are eliminated and in its place a surface with a beautiful decorative finish which is virtually maintenance free. Have you noticed how many big-box stores have eliminated unfinished concrete “sidewalk” appearance concrete in favor of a polished appearance? It wasn’t for appearance but rather to reduce dusting. Make your building easier to keep clean, while adding a lasting value adding polished surface.
Staining is the perfect solution for both old and new concrete on interior and exterior surfaces. The rugged beauty of a concrete floor can be brought to life with a variety of colors and designs. Transform dull, drab concrete into a beautiful gleaming showroom floor! Often used for commercial purposes, concrete staining leaves a colorful, clean, attractive look to driveways, floors, countertops, patios, walkways, and various entrances. It is perfect for high-traffic areas and is very affordable.
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Below is a polished concrete job done by Majestic

Below is a glue removal and a protective coating applied ideal for heavy traffic areas.

The Majestic gallery of concrete staining.

from dull concrete with glue to majestic.