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If you are looking for meth lab cleanup Paducah KY, consider Majestic Restoration. Majestic Restoration has over 30 years experience and are experts in hazardous materials cleanup. We’ve built our business on hazardous cleanups including fire, water and mold removal as well as meth labs and the like. Majestic Restoration maintains a level of service currently unmatched by the competition in our service areas.

Meth lab cleanup is a serious task, involving tedious and specific cleaning processes. These tasks must be performed with the greatest of care and attention to detail. Proper meth lab cleanup is not only our duty when commissioned for the work, but our responsibility, with our clients safety depending on our careful planning and attention to detail. Our dedication to our customers safety puts us largely ahead of our competition. These are the principals that we stand on to keep our 30 years of service going strong.

In earlier years, manufacturing processes for meth left behind chemical odors and stains that were easy to detect. In recent days, the manufacturing process for meth is odorless, leaves limited staining and fairly difficult to detect. With no distinctive color or odor, signs of meth manufacturing or meth presence in a household often go unnoticed. Don’t be fooled though, meth residue is a dangerous and sometimes deadly situation…especially for small children and animals. Chemical testing is required in order to be certain of methamphetamine presence or previous manufacturing, and once that presence has been defined, it’s time to pursue cleanup! That’s when a company like Majestic Restoration is needed.

The chemicals we use are environmentally safe, EPA approved disinfection fungicide called Virgaside. We have a fogging process that will eliminate all airborne and surface residues without the need for total tear out (some areas may need to be removed but most times no walls or drywall need to be removed). This is great as it saves customers thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars!

If you are in need of meth lab cleanup Paducah KY, contact our offices today, or use the form on the left side of this page to ask us for your free quote today.